Part 1

Chimpanzees, Orangutans, Gorillas, and Baboons are subject to the oppressive regime of Evolved Apes Inc. (EAI), an organization run by a small ruling class of Neanderthals. The oligarchic organization controls the media, goods and services, and even the “lesser” apes themselves. Their leader, Albert “Al” Viepe, promises a better future for all apes, so long as they fall in line.

The Neanderthals continue to gain control worldwide, but something is changing. There’s a buzz in the air that’s causing a stir among the apes. Our story begins in their present, just before the dawn of the Fight Back Apes.

Part 2

Enos, the unlikely hero of our story, enjoys a simple life with his partner (Danielle) and dog (Charlie). He’s a computer scientist — a highly-skilled tinkerer who works with his fellow Chimps to create the latest and greatest tech products for Evolved Apes Inc. Strict rules, inhumane deadlines, and a heavily taxed income are all part of the gig.

On an evening like any other, Enos was lost in thought while walking his dog along the back trails. His thoughts swirled in a symphony of existential questions. “What’s it all for, Charlie?” he said with a sigh. As if in response, Charlie broke free of the leash and took off for the woods. Dumbfounded, Enos chased after her.

Eventually, Enos found Charlie digging furiously. “This isn’t like you at all, girl,” he said as he pulled Charlie from the hole. Enos squinted at something sticking out of the dirt. He plucked it from the hole and held it at eye level. It appeared to be a small device with an engraved logo he couldn’t quite make out. “Come on, Charlie,” he said, pocketing the device. “Let’s go home.”



Gorillas occupy military and law-enforcement roles because of their strong and fearsome demeanor.


Chimpanzees are trained to be scientists and tinkerers, working in labs and offices like their evolutionary partners from millennia past.


The Baboons are the wild cards. The Baboon “families” run the underworld of organized crime from the shadows.


A comic series from the creators of Void Trip and Hive Mind. Available on our Discord.


The True Story

Discover the true story behind the Evolved Apes rug pull.

Fight Back Apes Lore

Documented by the bestselling author of the Golden Banana.

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